I am a planet loving, plant eating, health food nutcase and yogic nomad. When teaching I draw upon my experience from my globetrotting yogi travels with some of the world's most inspiring and experienced yoga teachers to bring a dynamic, fun, conscious exploration of Vinyasa flow.

I found yoga a number of years ago as a means to repair and tone muscles due to strain and damage caused by years of long distance running. After exploring numerous styles of yoga I soon discovered it wasn't just my legs and joints which began to heal as it ignited a profound shift in my mental and spiritual well being.

I began to feel healthier and much happier than I'd ever been, my perspectives in life broadened and a positive relationship with my body was born.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to study and practice with some incredibly inspiring yoga teachers and mentors who have guided my journey thus far, such as Manju Jois, Sarath Jois, David Williams, Richard Freeman, Danny Paradise, David & Doug Swenson, Tim Miller, Kino Macgregor, Matt Sweeny, Mark & Joanne Derby, and Annie Pace from the Ashtanga world. The legendary Dharma Mittre, Tias little of Prajna yoga, the amazing Meghan Currie, Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn and yoga as mind & body medicine with Bo Forbes.

An undeniable influence was completing aVinyasa Krama teacher training with Srivatsa Ramaswami a direct 30 year student of Krishnamacharya (the godfather of modern day yoga).

In 2014 I completed my 200hr Yoga Alliance, Grace & Presence Vinyasa yoga teacher training with the wonderful and inspiring Mollie Mcclellend Morris of Sadhaka yoga centre. I am also eternally grateful to my Mysore teacher Catherine Haylock of Yoga creation in East London for her precision, encouragement and guidance over the years in my Ashtanga Mysore practice. And I cannot fail to mention a continued influence on my practice, Stewart Gilchrist.

I completed my Kundalini (Yoga of awareness - as taught by Yogi Baghjan) Yoga teacher training with the magical Gurmukh and her knowledgeable husband Gurushabad, the highest authorities of Kundalini yoga in Oct 2017. Looking forward to sharing this incredible technology with you.

I deeply thank my London scene teachers both past and present for their influences and guidance in my practice, when I can get to class you may find with one of these yogi jedi’s Stewart Gilchrist, Naomi Absalom, Nikita Akilapa, Mollie Morris, Leila Sadeghee.

Having practiced and experimented with many different styles of yoga, from Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot yoga, Iyengar, Dharma Mittre and Kundalini, I have found my feet (for now) in Vinyasa flow. For me it has the intensity and passion as an Ashtanga Mysore practice yet it contains the scope for unique creativity and freedom of expression.  

I teach Vinyasa flow classes focused on developing strength, flexibility, balance and awareness both physically and mentally, using dynamic breath synchronised movements and deep stretches for a deep connection between mind and body. Creativity, playfulness and fun are my key ingredients to enable students to find grace and ease within their own body.

My primary aim as a teacher is to help people feel good about themselves in a safe compassionate environment.

Expect to sweat, smile and shine x


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