5 Sutras of Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian Age

As some of you are aware this a few weeks ago I began my Kundalini yoga teacher training with the incredible Gurmukh and her Husband Guru Shabbad.

I felt compelled and called to do this training which is referred to as Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian age, (the course started one day after my birthday in February on the night of the full moon in Aquarius!) if that was not a hint from the Universe then I don’t know what is…………

So I thought I’d share a little about the Aquarian age with you and most importantly the ‘5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age’ (Sutra meaning thread or like a little pearl of Wisdom) as we have moved from the Piscean age into age of Aquarius.

“Astronomers will tell you that the Earth rotates on an axis and that this line going through the centre of the earth has a slight wobble to it. It goes through a little circular wobble about once every 24,000 years. This cycle has been broken into 12 parts associated with the 12 astrological signs, based on which constellation the axis is wobbling towards. From around 2000 B.C. to 0 A.D. we were in the Age of Taurus. From 0 A.D. to the present we have been in the Age of Pisces.” (https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/aquarian-age/aquarian-shift-what-will-be-different)

So for the next 2000 years we will be dominated by the age of information, horizontal networking and working towards true equality, the previous Piscean age was dominated by power and hierarchy.

This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in mankind”

As you may have already observed there has been a major shift in self-awareness, such as the huge increase in people taking care of themselves with yoga, tai chi and wellness etc…… on the other side of the coin you have seen massive injustices on the Corporate and political levels with certain right wing values becoming more prominent.

"In this time Piscean values are giving way to Aquarian values. The difference between the two is very simple. Piscean values work from the ego, creating boundaries. Aquarian values have no boundaries; they are Infinite. Aquarian consciousness takes you inside your soul, so that you can relate to the soul in all."
-Yogi Bhajan from Aquarian Times, Spring 2003.

Yogi Bhajan brought the technology of Kundalini yoga to the west to help us survive this transformational shift in consciousness, here are the 5 sutras of Kundalini yoga to guide us through the age of Aquarius. Print them off and keep them close to your heart (mine are stuck on the fridge).


5 Sutras of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

5 Sutras of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan